Section 9: Aboriginal people in NSW today / Employment

Section 9: Aboriginal people in NSW today


In 2016, 46% of Aboriginal people in NSW aged 15 or over were employed, compared to 65% of non-Aboriginal people in the same age group. Increasing the Aboriginal workforce is an ongoing commitment in the NSW public sector Aboriginal Employment Strategy. Public sector 2020 workforce data tells us that the number of employees who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander has increased over the last decade; and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were approximately 3.5% of non-casual employees in the sector.

The NSW Government is committed to the Premier’s Priority of delivering a world-class public service, which includes increasing the number of Aboriginal people in senior leadership roles. Between 2019 and 2020, the number of Aboriginal senior leaders in the government sector increased from 98 to 104, moving closer to the NSW Government’s target of 114 senior Aboriginal leaders by 2025.